PTGui is a panoramic stitching program for Windows
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PTGui is a piece of software that allows you to seamlessly attach several photos together, so that you can obtain a panorama. The program even allows you to connect multiple rows of pictures, and it does not limit itself only to flat panoramas, but also permits you to project cylindrical and spherical ones. It is also appreciable that this utility functions well both on Windows and Mac systems.

This utility permits you to even stitch together rotated or tilted pictures, which the program can fix for the most appropriate alignment. This means that you no longer need to worry too much if you did not take perfectly level photos for a panorama. Furthermore, the program also allows you to align pictures taken using a wide angle lens. What is more, there is no limit imposed on the size of the output image, which means you are able to connect hundreds of pictures, if you wish.

In general, the program allows you to conduct automatic stitching, but you can also take control over the output, by using manual controls. This complex utility may not seem like an extremely easy to use program for beginners, but professional photographers will certainly find it thoroughly useful. The multitude of settings that the program allows will very likely come across as an advantage for them, in particular.

To conclude with, PTGui proves itself an appropriately complex, professional utility for composing panoramic pictures from smaller images connected together. If you specialize in landscape or architecture photography, you will most certainly find this instrument of significant use.

Margie Smeer
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  • Rotated and tilted images can be stitched together.
  • Images taken using wide angle or fisheye lenses can be put together into a panorama.
  • No size limit for the output image.


  • It may seem difficult to use for beginners.
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